Fees and Charges

To meet the various expenses of development, secretarial work, secondary anti-plagiarism, website maintenance, data storage, acquisition of journal management tools and indexing in different databases, online publication fees are equivalent to 100€ euros.

No Submission or evaluation fees are required


There are three forms of funding for a journal so that it can remain sustainable:

  • With the help of a university research laboratory. Limit: the journal will depend on an institution and research orientations are sometimes limited to members of the research structure.
  • With the help of grants from international institutions such as the European Union, the United Nations, the World Bank, etc... this type of funding is difficult to obtain for emerging countries.
  • With the help of own resources paid by the authors. Several types may be noted:
    • Journals dependent on major editors or publishers (international companies sometimes listed on stock markets): Elsevier, Clarivate Analytics, Wiley, Emerald Group Publishing, etc. The articles are not open source and are sold for users. If the author decides that his or her article should be public in open access, he or she has to bear a charge of up to $6,000.
    • Independent journals managed by a restricted group but which carry out a rigorous evaluation of scientific articles. The payment of fees does not lead to the automatic publication of the article (in the case of our journal). The articles are open source and are offered to the public free of charge.
    • Predatory journals managed by a restricted group but once the payment is made, the article is automatically published.

So, in order to have the articles published in Open Acces, we decided on a symbolic publication fee (compared to international journals). This is not the cost of putting the article online, but rather the cost of transferring the license in Open Access so that the article is readable and cited by others.