Editorial Independence and Responsibilities

The editors have a right to select which articles to consider for publication and which to accept and/or reject without influence from the Publisher or other external bodies.

Editors of scientific journals have responsibilities toward the authors who provide the content of the journals, the peer reviewers who comment on the suitability of manuscripts for publication, the journal’s readers and the scientific community, the owners/publishers of the journals, and the public as a whole. so, the journal editors have a duty to treat all submissions confidentially, and to ensure that judgements are made free of bias, and in a timely manner. Decisions on which articles to be published are the responsibility of the editors who also have a responsibility to ensure the good quality of the manuscripts.
The appointment of the Editorial Board is the duty of the Editor-in-Chief and associate editors.

The editor, who is at the same time the publisher of the journal, is responsible for ensuring that the journal meets international standards for technology, archiving, data protection and ethical policies.